FAQ - Olli App

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some secrets of success?

  • Specify your areas of knowledge
  • Pick information that is not easily accessible on search engines
  • Compile a list of short pieces of information
  • Schedule your posts to consistently be sharing information
  • Price your information differently to give options
  • Choose meaningful images for your information
  • Choose titles that give enough clue what kind of information your seekers will find
  • Publish every day at least 1 piece of information.
  • Respond to seekers’ requests quickly to stay in the lead.
  • Wait for the cash to build gradually, and continuously.


What is Olli App?

Olli App is an online Marketplace to sell and buy interesting and exciting local news. News cover political happenings, events, offers, career tips, life experiences, accidents, and other news that could be of interest to your community. It is the most innovative way to generate passive income by selling accounts of events that are news-worthy.With this new initiative, you would be able to monetize any information as you get hold of them anywhere, anytime and however.


Why the name Olli?

Olli in Arabic means “tell me”. This is the objective of the application, you tell people information you know and ask others to tell you information they know. Prices of info start from 1 EGP up to 5 EGP, or in any other currency, just pennies. Our aim was to make the marketplace accommodating for everyone regardless of your age and social status. With little money, you can stay updated and catch value around you.


What type of news can I sell?

You can publish any kind of news on Olli App as long as it is exciting. The news could be momentous or standing the test of time such as life experiences and career tips.


What is my profit share for the news and information I sell?

News sellers have a share of 50% of each news sold in Olli App. The more interesting news you post, the more you earn.


Who can search and see the news I post for sale?

At the moment, Olli App is covering small communities such as universities and colleges and we are expanding to other areas soon. So students in your college or community can see and search and buy your news.


When can I withdraw my revenues?

After ten days of posting news, if there are no complaints or disputes whatsoever. Withdrawal is processed within 24 hours when you make a request.


What if I bought fake news or information that is not newsworthy?

You simply report the case to the Admin and necessary actions will be taken. However, make sure your claims are authentic before contacting the admin.


How does Olli App keep the news and information environment real and not fake?

Through our strict rating and reporting system, we manage to monitor the news to avoid any fake news or any lies or scammers, and the penalty is the suspension of the account after a two-time warning. We make sure the system is sanitized at all times so you have no worries.


What news are not allowed on Olli App?

News about alcohol and prostitution are prohibited. Any news that depicts racism or reflects negatively on religion or ethnic group or breaches the privacy of people are not allowed.


Can I become an agent for some places and promote for Olli App and what is the return?

You can easily become an agent by signing up on our “Become an Agent” place. You can submit your request along with your location and the site admin will either approve or reject it. Upon approval, an agent has to promote the Olli App brand and receives 10% of the total sales made from news in his serving area. The more you promote, the more you earn. Become an agent today in your locale.


What places can an agent cover?

Places can range from street, university, mall, airport as well as popular events which are a good avenue to promote the brand.


How can I withdraw my revenues?

An email will be sent to you informing you of the withdrawal process which involves contacting the Withdrawals department at this email: WD@Olliapp.com


What is the minimum balance I can start with?

1 EGP is the minimum balance to start buying news, and you can top up your balance anytime.


What is the main language in Olli App?

Currently, Olli is bilingual, being active in English and Arabic. As we cover more countries we will have other languages


How do I set the price for the news I sell?

Setting the price depends on your ability to estimate the value of the news and information you are selling. We suggest you pitch in a fair price so that more people have access to it and can buy it. For instance, a news worth 1 cent can be bought by thousands of people.


How do I choose the duration of my news?

Duration is very important to avoid complaints. Some news is good for just a day as they are momentous while some like career tips and job experience in a notable company can last for as long as two years.


How can I charge my balance?

You can charge your balance through the wallet button down the screen where you click on top-up balance and follow the steps of choosing how much balance you want to add which will be processed through Apple company payment system


How can I edit or delete my posts?

From profile page you can tap on the sold article button and get to the list of news you posted. You can click on the news to either edit or have it deleted.